About The Milk Race

Between 1958 and 1993, The Milk Race was the most prestigious cycling event in the British calendar, and the (now disbanded) Milk Marketing Board’s sponsorship remains the longest association that the sport has ever had. The multistage race was conducted over a number of day races – across a number of locations – and was contested by some of the most successful ever road cyclists. Previous winners include Shane Sutton – a current part of British Cycling’s coaching set-up – and Malcolm Elliott, the team manager of the Node4-Giordana professional team. In 2013, Dani King and Felix English added their names to this elite club and Katie Archibald and Graham Briggs in 2014. This year, winners Laura Trott and Kristian House put their names in the history books. You can see a full list of previous winners of The Milk Race here. Anyone who attended The Milk Race of old, or indeed over the past two years, will remember the incredible atmosphere that came with it. Such an enthralling, pulsating spectacle that people travelled from miles around to be part of.

  • Amateur winner Soviet student Ivan Mitchtenko wins the milk race in 1980

  • 1987 Milk Race with the peloton riding through Malvern

  • Czechoslovakias Jiri Mainus wins the race in 1970

  • 1989 Milk Race gets underway from Westminster Bridge

  • James Callaghan for Labour Prime Minister participates in the 1968 Milk Race from Brighton

  • Milk Race 1985

  • Milk Race 1988

  • Milk Race Convoy

  • Milk Race Slovenia

  • Colin Sturgess of the Tulip Computers team taking part in the Milk Race in 1990

  • Chris Walker of Team Banana Falcon raises his arms aloft after winning in 1991